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Ivy Sleep Set in Camel

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The Ivy Sleep Set is the ideal, 2-piece combination for restful sleep, day or night. Ivy is perfect when you'd rather not sleep nude (the ultimate way to stay cool). The set has a bohemian vibe.

The Bandeau is a strapless and loose-fitting top that stays in place but is adjustable. You can slide the elasticized waist up or down for more or less coverage. If you're sleeping and want to avoid a warm core (which can trigger a hot flash), slide the bottom up. When you're walking about the house and want more coverage, slide the elasticized waist down.

The Bloomer Bikini is a perfect companion to the Bandeau for getting some sleep and is intentionally cut loose. It has an elasticized waist and deep-cut crotch for even more comfort.

The Ivy Sleep Set is made from 100% Linen, which is natural, sustainable, eco-friendly, and fantastic for your skin.

Machine wash with gentle, preferably eco-friendly, detergents. Do not bleach. A delicate drying cycle is preferred. Iron while damp if you'd like.

All garments are made-to-order to reduce the impact on our environment. Designed, cut, and sewn in the U.S., they are ready to ship in 10 to 14 days.

Please compare your measurements to our size chart to get your perfect fit.